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All Natural Delivers
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All Natural Delivers is a San Francisco located and a rapidly growing medical marijuana delivery service. Its mission is to establish a steady supply of reliable lab-tested medical-marijuana products for its customers. To become a member of All Natural Delivers, customers are required to provide a physician�s recommendation. Here at All Natural Delivers, the team of highly qualified industry professionals with unparalleled academic expertise in the field of medical cannabis can provide you with in-depth information on every possible question on the regarding matter. The company's gardens are situated in Sonoma County, where climate and terrain allow growing outdoor strains. Most patients agree that the flavor of a plant grown in the soil is much better compared to those cultivated on hydro rocks or rockwool because it takes the taste of the soil. The mmj farmers also discovered that including the whole marijuana flower into the extraction process results in higher quality oil. All Natural Delivers�s workers monitor the whole production process from seed planting and all the way to getting concentrated marijuana oil and its derivatives. To guarantee the quality of its organic products, the firm creates its own soil blends. The strains provided by the company are free from all chemicals and are full of natural flavor. The assortment is constantly improved, and at the moment it includes several strains of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. All Natural Delivers also offers some THC/CBD infused edibles and extracts for those who prefer non-smoking ways of mmj ingestion