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The Budee cooperative is one of the leading non-profit medical marijuana delivery services in California. The company provides its customers with premium-class marijuana strains and a wide range of other types of cannabis products, such as vaporizing cartridges, shatters, and various edibles: gummy bears; chocolate brownies; blueberry/rainbow belts; cereal bars; watermelon tarts; chocolate chip cookies, etc. The company strives to break down the prejudice about the adverse effect of marijuana on the human body, and prove its effectiveness as a medication for various neurological, behavioral and other disorders. At Budee, client�s wellness is always a priority. That is why the company provides only the best services known to the industry. And that includes a free consultation with one of their specialists, on the matter of choosing the correct mmj for your specific condition. Services provided here include a convenient way of delivery, bringing your medication right to your doorsteps. There are also many special offers that are available at Budee for first-time and regular customers.