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KERB Herbal Delivery
DELIVERY ONLY, San Francisco CA, 94103
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KERB Herbal Delivery is one of the most credible medical marijuana delivery companies in San Francisco. It provides high-grade strains and quality customer services. Honesty, safety, and respect are the basic principles of the company. The company takes care of customers� privacy � all transactions and deliveries are strictly confidential. What is more, its activities are fully compliant with all Medical Marijuana Program standards. KERB Herbal Delivery offers only high-grade lab-tested medical cannabis and products made of organically grown ingredients. At the moment the assortment includes: 4 strains of Indica: Great Success, JahGoo, Purple Legend, Sunset Sherbert; 4 strains of Sativa: Candy, Sour Sourhead Valley, Sour Strawberry; 4 strains of Hybrid: Tahoe OG, Royal Ogre, Crystal Berry, Blue Sugar Mama. Besides that, various concentrates, wax and edibles are present too. KERB Herbal Delivery takes pride in the outstanding work it�s been doing over the years, helping patients in need and changing the public perception of medical marijuana. The friendly and professional staff here do their best and more to provide their clients with superior customer service. New members have to register on the company�s website, fill in the required information, and upload photos of their valid doctor's prescription and California ID. First-time buyers are offered a special new member�s gift.