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Premier Tending Association
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Premier Tending Association is a leading non-profit medical marijuana supplier. Its goal is to provide its member farmers with the opportunity to grow high-grade marijuana for medical purposes and deliver it to customers. The company acts absolutely legally in compliance with the guidelines of the Attorney General of California. Premier Tending Association supplies only organically grown medical marijuana and guarantees all products are made of natural ingredients. Check out some of the Hybrid strains available: Yeti OG � the strain has above 20% of THC and over 3% of CBD which serves for pain relief and relaxation. Yeti OG has a creamy smoke with aromas of diesel fuel, earth and pine. Dream Berry � it has a sweet candy, cherry and grapefruit flavor, mostly featuring a calming effect, helping you fight such conditions as, pains, depression and eye pressure. Sunset Sherbert � this strain helps relax your muscles while keeping you awake. It combines earth, bubblegum and pine flavors. Birthday Cake Kush � an extremely potent strain. The strain has a sweet flavor. Birthday Cake has a relaxing effect but doesn't sedate the mind. This strain is most preferred to treat pain, appetite loss, depression and headaches. Gorilla Glue #4 � this strain delivers relaxation and helps fight stress. It has strong earthy and sour aromas of pine, diesel and lemon. Several extracts and prerolls are on the market as well. The clients are offered free consultation on the matter of choosing the correct cannabis strain according to their medical condition. All customers are required to have a prescription from a doctor and a California ID.