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New to weed strains? Don’t know what sativa, indica and hybrid stand for?

It is fine. Sativa, indica, and hybrid are cannabis strains, or types, of marijuana. They differ in outcomes and effects. Terms are not new. Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa have been known since 18th century. At this time, chemists and botanists noted differenced in their structure and resin production. Later, a hybrid was born, as growers began mixing breed from different geographic locations.

Rumors are that indica originates in the Hindu Kush region near Afghanistan. The plants have thick coats of resin to protect from the harsh climate. Sativa is brought up in milder climates with high temperatures and variable weather patterns.

People now think of marijuana strains more that of a group of marijuana breeds with particular features, not depending solely on geographic region. These characteristics are bases on morphology, flowering time, effects, geography, and flowers. It makes possible to choose a strain that suits particular needs or experiment with different kinds to find an optimal strain for everyday use. 

Let’s look closer at different medical marijuana strains so that you will make an informed choice.