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Hybrid strain is a crossbreed of sativa and indica. On today’s market, they are mixed with other hybrids to create new weed strains, often with an enormous amount of THC or CBD.

Hybrid cannabis strains can be divided into three categories:

Sativa-dominated strain

Sativa-dominant hybrids

provide a head high with a nice relaxing body effect. These strainsĀ are used to relax body and mind together.

Balanced Hybrid Strain

Balanced hybrids

(50/50) provide a true balance of indica and sativa plants. The effects of these strains often depend on consumer’s expectations. They relax body and mind in mild, deliberated manner.

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Indica-dominant hybrids

provide a strong body high to relieve pain and ensure high-quality rest with relatively clear and unwinded head.

Popular hybrid marijuana strains

Hybrid weed strain is for you if:

You want to try the best of both worlds 0

You want to experiment with potency 0

You want an exact result 0