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Indica is known for relaxing effects. It makes people calmer and bring them relief. Indica also gives patients a body high along with sedating. Indica weed strains can ease chronic pain and fight debilitating migraines. Best time to use indica is night, so you may fully relax and rest.

Indica Look

Indica Plant

Indica cannabis plants are short, with dense branches and wider and full dark green leaves. They can withstand harsh climates and produce a surprising amount of resin. Their size (2-4 feet) allows to cultivate them indoors. The plants grow faster, and it takes around 6-8 weeks to get ready for harvesting.

Indica Origins

Map of indica origin

The plant is believed to originate in Middle East (Pakistan and Afganistan, near Hindu Kush). Plants are used to harsh conditions and can thrive in cooler environments.

Indica Compounds

CBD to THC ratio

Indica weed strains have a higher CBD:THC ratio. It means that cannabidiol dominates tetrahydrocannabinol in the chemical composition.

Indica Effects

indica effects

CBD does not have psychoactive effects. On the contrary, it gives ‘couch-lock’ body high and sedates. These strains reduce anxiety and help to restore sleep. Indica can help relax muscles and relieve headaches and migraines. It can induce a feeling of tiredness and confuse thinking, so it’s better to start small and be cautious.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Indica weed strains can fight epilepsy due anti-convulsant effect and reduce chronic pain and inflammation. Also, it can ease muscle spasms and constant nausea. These strains are often used to battle specific diseases such as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis. Indica helps to restore sleep patterns for people struggling with insomnia.

Popular Indica strains

Pure Indica Weed Strains

Indica-Dominated Weed Strains

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