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Sativa is known for uplifting effects. It energizes people and boosts their creative side. Sativa weed strains also improve overall mood and fight depression. The nature of its chemicals gives a patient a splash of liveliness and increases hunger. That is why these strains are best at mornings and early afternoons.

Sativa Look

Sativa Plant

Sativa plants are tall and can grow up to 20 feet. Branches are loosely spread and have long, narrow light green leaves. The height of plants defines their cultivation – they better develop outdoors. Also, the plant tends to grow longer and takes about 9-12 weeks to be ready for harvesting.

Sativa Origins

Colombia Map

Sativa cannabis originates from Equatorial countries of Columbia, Mexico, Thailand and South East Asia. Plants like hot, variable climate and strive in warmer weather.

Sativa Weed Compounds

THC:CBD ratio

Sativa marijuana strains have a higher THC:CBD ratio. It means that tetrahydrocannabinol dominates cannabidiol in the chemical composition.

Sativa Effects

Effects from sativa

THC is known for a stimulating effect.  It gives a signature head-high, evokes feelings of well-being, eases the mood, energizes and provokes thoughts. It has overall cerebral effects and increases focus along with stimulating creativity and imagination. Strains can induce hallucination and anxiety, so it is better to start small and cautious.

Sativa Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Sativa strains help to fight mental and behavioral issues, including depression and ADHD. It can be useful in battling anorexia and some forms of cancer because it stimulates appetite.  Many patients find sativa beneficial in easing fatigue and tiredness.

Popular Sativa strains

Pure Sativa strains

Sativa-Dominated Strains

Sativa weed is for you if:

You want to uplift mood and fight depression 0

You want discover and celebrate your creative side 0

You want to increase your appetite 0