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Where to Buy Your First Pipe: Beginners’ Guide


Previously, we discussed what to consider when buying your first glass piece. Today we’re going to find out where to buy it. Your first visit to a glass retailer may be a little bit confusing, but worry no more — together, we will make it a pleasant experience.

Head Shop

A head shop is a place that sells smoking accessories. These shops are well-suited for first-time buyers as staff can answer all your questions and help you find a right piece.

Head shops typically have a large selection of pipes and accessories. Some retailers offer products aimed at buyers on a budget, while others choose to focus on high-quality glass.

Check out your local head shops online and read reviews. It will help you to find a shop at your price range that caters for your needs. Here’s what you get buying from head shops:

  • Real-time assistance: a store associate will answer your questions in person, which is a massive advantage for a first-time buyer.
  • A hands-on experience: you will be able to hold a pipe before you buy it. You will get a better feel for weight, design, and glass quality.
  • Getting to know your local shop: head shops want to keep you as a customer, and that means you may get special promotions and discounts.

One more tip: always begin with reputable vendors. Poorly crafted pipes may let you down in many ways. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


The internet is a great thing for those who can’t just go and buy glass in person. Here’s why:

  • Privacy: if you feel uncomfortable talking to a store associate or shop in-person, buying online is for you. Mailed packages from online retailers are also very discreet, so no one will ever know.
  • It’s easy: in some areas, it’s hard to find a convenient head shop. Buying online is very simple and doesn’t require all the commuting hassle.
  • Greater selection: online shop is not limited to physical space, which means that they can offer a vast variety of glass and accessories for any taste.

Again, whether you’re shopping in person or online, choose a reputable vendor who offers quality glass.

Glass Conventions

Buying online and in person comes with great options, but for those who feel adventurous and want to explore the world outside, glass conventions and buying direct are a must.

Some cities host glass conventions annually. It’s always worth a visit since these events often feature dozens of vendors, surprising discounts, and lucrative deals. Competition is fierce, so the prices usually go down quickly. Customers can also contact artists directly, which can lead to even better deals and recommendations.

Have a good hit!

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