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Best Weed for Sex: 12 Strains for Infinite Pleasure

As life gets more exciting every single year, we are willing to increase the quantity and quality of our sexual relationship. From eating oysters and chocolate as an aphrodisiac to using sex toys and VR tools, people are trying to spice things up and get more pleasure in any possible way. Marijuana is another thing that can help take your sex to a whole new level. In this article, we will cover the best strains for female and male arousal and will see how cannabis affects our sexual mood in different situations. 

The Influence of Cannabis on Sex and Arousal

The two major marijuana compounds, CBD and THC, affect our body and mind in different ways. According to the study by BioMed Research International, CBD can help men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ER), meanwhile, some consumers note that it also lowers libido. THC, on the contrary, can help you get in the mood for action and make you feel slightly euphoric. However, larger amounts of THC provide a couch-locking effect, thus leaving consumers too relaxed to even move. As we see it from our users’ feedback, marijuana consumption is individual for every single person. 

How Is Marijuana Consumption Different for Men and Women?

Endocannabinoid systems vary not only across different people but also for different sex. For instance, women tend to get stronger effects from cannabis consumption than men when consuming the same dosage of MMJ per the same body weight. Meanwhile, the research by CNR Institute of Neuroscience states that the ability of the female endocannabinoid system to react to THC can be limited due to a higher level of estrogens compared to men. However, a lack of research doesn’t allow us to know exactly how cannabis consumption differs in terms of sex. If you want to learn more about cannabis and sex, check out these five facts to get more information on the topic.

Best Marijuana Strains for Sex to Enjoy Lovemaking in Different Situations

Down with the science, let’s talk about the best weed for sex to help you get infinite pleasure. Whether you want to spend some time alone or would like to ramp up your and your partner’s sex drive, the below-listed strains might work for you. These recommendations are based on personal preferences of our marijuana community which means that you might not get the same experience as our consumers did. Try different options to find out which one works best for you. 

To Enjoy Your Time Alone

If you are in the mood to enjoy some time alone or can’t have sex with your partner for any reason, these marijuana strains can help you bring self-loving to a new level. 

Girl Scout Cookies 

GSC is our all-time favorite multi-purpose strain with a high THC level that makes you feel happy and relaxed throughout the day. As for the solo-sex, this weed helps your imagination to take over and make your fantasies get more vivid and real. At the same time, GSC helps you to relax, stay alone with your body and sacred desires, and enjoy every second of this pleasure. After all, who knows better what you want most than yourself?

LA Confidential

Also known as Snow Dome, LA Confidential is another high-THC strain that can deliver you high-quality self-loving time. Its THC level varies somewhat from 19% to 25% and gives you a creative and focused mind not only when you need to make things done but also when you need some time alone. As a bonus, the strain has a stress-relieving effect, thus making you feel relaxed after a very tiring day. 

To Try Something New

If you have forbidden fantasies, want to escape your comfort zone, or simply would like to try something new with your partner, these strains will make you more confident and open up to new discoveries. 

Blue Dream

Blue Dream gives you a clear and balanced high feeling and suits perfectly both for experienced and new cannabis users. Thanks to its smooth sedative effect and energy boost, the strain makes you feel more enthusiastic to prolong and spice up foreplay, try new poses, toys, etc. While your body feels relaxed, your mind gets stimulated, thus making you feel more confident and horny. Give it a try!


This pure Sativa strain is known for its euphoric effects, helps consumers get more creative and not be afraid of mixing things up in bed. Besides that, Tangie will help you to deal with anxiety and feel more relaxed. If you are looking for a perfect balance between creativity and calm, Tangie is one of the best strains for sex to consume. 

Best Strains for Morning Sex

If you are one of these people who loves morning sex and want to start a day with something uplifting, here is a good cannabis strain to make your morning routine exciting.  


Harlequin is one of those strains that can help you start a day off on a positive note. The weed is high in CBD content and low in THC which makes it a perfect strain to give you energy and a clear head. It allows you to stay focused and enjoy every minute of your morning sexual experience rather than think about the daily tasks. It can become a nice substitute for a cup of coffee as an energy booster. 

Best Strains for Male Arousal

As we’ve mentioned before, there is evidence that marijuana impacts male and female bodies and minds in different ways. That’s why we’ve made a list of best strains for libido across different sexes. Let’s begin with ones for male arousal. 


This Sativa-dominant hybrid will make you feel euphoric and horny in no time. Trainwreck has quite a strong cerebral high and gives you a slight body buzz. Don’t be afraid of the name, the strain won’t hit you like a real train. Additionally, its pain-relieving effect could get you to try some stuff from BDSM. 

Granddaddy Purple 

This is one of the best weed for sex that you’ll probably see in every single guide on marijuana. Grandaddy Purple has become one of the most popular over the past decade not only thanks to its relaxation properties but also for arousing effects. Some people might even call it Green Viagra since it makes you feel euphoric and can put you in the mood for intimate encounters.  

Blue Cookies 

When you are planning to head into romantic relationships, Blue Cookies is the best marijuana for sex to put you in the mood. Its strong uplifting effect will give you a whole new experience that you might have never had with cannabis before. The weed still keeps you focused, thus allowing you to pay more attention to your partner and yourself.  

Hindu Skunk 

Expect to have a day and night full of lovemaking when consuming this bad boy. Thanks to its high THC content, Hindu Skunk will trigger from head to toes and give you energy to repeat the whole thing all over again. Even though it delivers an uplifting effect, by the end of the day you’ll feel happy and relaxed and the remaining weed effects will put you to sleep. 

Best Strains for Female Arousal

Every person has different sexual preferences. Whether a woman prefers gentle sex or looking for new experience, she tends to be more sensual than men and desires to feel pleasure with every cell of her body. 

Bruce Banner 

The effect from this Sativa-dominant strain will hit you fast and intense. Bruce Banner will make you feel very creative, thus giving you an opportunity to try new positions, types of foreplay, toys, or anything else you’ve ever dreamed of. 

Green Crack 

If you are in the mood for a hot night filled with hours and hours of lovemaking, Green Crack is the best marijuana strain for sex to find. This pure Sativa strain with a relatively high THC content of up to 24% will give you joy and happiness paired with endless energy. You’re unlikely to fall asleep in the next few hours after consumption but who needs sleep when you are about to spend the most delightful time with your partner?

Sour Diesel 

Sour Diesel is the one strain that will make your heart beat faster while your body becomes extremely sensitive and gets extra satisfaction with every single touch from your partner. A desire for your partner grows with every move and leads you to non-stop lovemaking. 

Final Thoughts 

The Sweedsy marijuana community believes that the best way to get the maximum effect from marijuana for passionate and satisfying lovemaking is smoking. It gives you the most long-lasting and fastest effect and makes it easier to control the dosage. If you are not up for smoking, here is a recipe for DIY cannabis lube to make your sex life even more exciting. Give it a try!

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