4/20 – Cannabis Day To Empower Women - Sweedsy 4/20 – Cannabis Day To Empower Women - Sweedsy
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4/20 – Cannabis Day To Empower Women

4/20 – Cannabis Day

We hope you have had a fantastic 4/20 celebration – with your favorite cannabis product and loving people around.

Cannabis day is important for activists, entrepreneurs, and laymen alike, and we think some of them need to receive our special support this year. It is time to empower women of the industry and 4/20 is a good way to remind how much influence they have today.

Here are eight women-owned marijuana dispensaries that are worth visiting not only on 4/20 but all year round.

Simply Pure – Denver, Colorado


Wanda James, the first black female dispensary owner in Colorado, is a huge inspiration. She had never thought she was the pioneer, but it is hard to imagine someone more suitable to take the lead. After serving on Barack Obama’s finance committee, James is now doing an enormous work on bringing the highest-quality cannabis on the market.

3D Cannabis Centers – Denver, Colorado


Toni Savage Fox founded the first legal recreational dispensary in Denver in 2014. Since then, she has gained a significant influence through organizations like NORML, Women Grow, Marijuana Policy Project, and many other. The dispensary maintains high standards by keeping a scientist and full-time engineer on staff. Drop by – and you can even take a look at the on-site grow room to see how the magic happens.

Breeze Botanicals – Ashland, Oregon

Breeze Botanicals

Owner Brie Malarkie was the first to turn medical dispensary into adult-use cannabis spot in Southern Oregon. She focuses on organic cannabis, grown according to USDA standards, and serving the community by supporting local food and art initiatives.

Etain – New York


The family-owned dispensary, founded by Amy Peckham and her daughters after watching their grandmother struggling with ALS, became one of the best dispensaries in NY. It offers safe and consistent products that are deeply appreciated by patients.

4:20 Friendly – Spokane, Washington


Wife-and-wife team of Carol Ehrhart and Alyssa Taylor is providing their customers with the most friendly experience. The atmosphere is welcoming, cannabis-infused products are superb, budtenders are cheerful. Just perfect as it is.

AHHS WeHo – West Hollywood, CA


This dispensary is run by Dr. Dina (who is a real-life version of the main character of the TV-show Weeds) and widely known in the LA area for being the oldest medical dispensary in SoCal. AHHS WeHo offers the widest range of products in the area. Dr. Dina and her co-founder Jason Beck are often praised for cannabis-related activism and fundraising for legalization purposes.

National Holistic Healing Center – Washington, DC


The National Holistic Healing Center is a popular cannabis business in Washington. Its owner, Chanda Macias, holds a Ph.D. as well as an MBA and has a strong vision for her spot. The dispensary offers a wide selection of flowers and cannabis products, bringing the perfect treatment for every customer.

Queens of Cannabis – Toronto, Canada

Queens of Cannabis

Queen of Cannabis is Toronto’s only all-female owned and operated dispensary. The aim is to provide help LGBTQ patients, veterans, seniors, patients with disabilities, and patients with native ancestry. The store is all about equal rights and compassion.

4/20 is a holiday of fun, relief, and compassion. It’s a perfect moment to support and empower those who keep the industry running and fight for our rights – brave women of the cannabis movement.


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