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Sunday Weed: Weekly Digest, Number Eighty-Five


Happy Pride! No matter how you celebrate these rainbow days, we hope you enjoy it. To make your Sunday even better, we gathered seven articles about cannabis on the web. Enjoy your read!

1. Canada Reassures Citizens There Will Be Enough Weed For Everyone on October 17th

On October 17th, recreational use of marijuana will be legal in Canada. But some people are worried that there won’t be enough federally licensed weed shops to meet demand on opening day. The government says not to worry.

2. The East Coast Gets Ready for Legal Weed

There’s a new green monster in town: Legal recreational marijuana sales are about to hit the East Coast for the first time — a possible tipping point for the surging, multi-billion dollar weed industry.

3. California: pot shops sell untested weed in desperation

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Bargain basement bud is on the menu in California, but you need to act fast to cash in on the cheap weed.

4. Trump now has a Tennessee weed bill with his name on it

Two Tennessee Republicans are trying to ensure their constituents will think of TRUMP when they smoke their medical marijuana, if all goes according to plan.

5. 5 Dispensaries To Visit During Pride Month

Pride Month is nearly gone, but it’s still time to treat yourself and support LGBTQ+ community. Cannabis and LGBTQ+ have a long intertwined history, and to this day, weed helps queer people to fight stress, drug and emotional abuse, and health issues connected with discrimination and mistreatment.

6. Cannabis Brands Give Back For LGBTQ+ Pride Month

The cannabis and gay rights communities have a long history of working together. Now, modern cannabis brands are carrying on that legacy.

7. How Weed Edibles Are Shedding Their Stigma In The Food World

Marijuana-infused foods are evolving far beyond pot brownies.

Enjoyed your digest? Let us know.

See you next Sunday!

(Sweedsy in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws. To learn more, click here.)

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