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Tough Week: A Guide to Friday Relaxation

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Thank God, it’s Friday.

It was a tough week, huh? Your boss is a jerk. Working stress is too daunting. Worry no more – our strain recommendation for the most popular relaxing activities will help you get back on track and be good as new.




Strain: Durban Poison
Consumption method: table vaporizer or bong

If you’re a tired but dedicated gym lover, pure sativa is here for you. It gives you a boost of energy to fight through the intense workout. Sometimes it’s hard to find pure sativa at the dispensaries but if you’re lucky – grab and try it.




Strain: Fire OG, OG Kush, Blue Dream
Consumption method: tabletop water pipe

If you’re up to mindful relaxation, get a hybrid and a couch. Large tabletop water pipes are known to be a ‘one-hitter quitter’ so you can feel the massive relaxation almost immediately without sleepiness. It’s a perfect choice for meditation or chill on the couch with a favorite TV show.




Strain: Pineapple Express, Trainwreck, Cherry Pie
Consumption method: edible

Tired and hungry? Hybrids are perfect for cooking. Try infusing your favorite strain into olive oil and use it for meal preparations. You can also offer it as a salad dressing, so anyone who’s dining with you would have an opportunity to dose accordingly. Feel lazy to make oil? Consider asking your budtender if there is any for sale at your local dispensary.




Strain: Bubba Kush, Critical Mass, Skywalker OG
Consumption method: joint

Sometimes a long walk is what you need to unwind your mind. Indica-dominant hybrids are the best companions; you may want to pick those high in stress-reducing CBD. Go for a walk and take a joint with you – but try to avoid consuming it around other people. In some states, it is illegal.




Strain: White Rhino, Blue Cheese, Northern Lights
Consumption method: topicals

Topicals are an excellent way to treat your body right. Certain strains make for fantastic infused products. You may want to try a relaxing bubble bath with a CBD-infused bath bomb or to ease your muscles with topical lotion. Go for it, and you will be surprised how good your body can feel.



Bed & Chill

Strain: Hindu Kush
Consumption method: tabletop dab rig

Want to switch the world off? A good ol’ dag rig loaded with pure indica will make it happen. Just hit and sleep. Hindu Kush can be hard to find (as almost all ‘pure’ strains), but it’s worth the peaceful and restoring sleep.

Go ahead and pick what you like. Have a relaxing and fun Friday!

(Sweedsy in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws. To learn more, click here.)


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