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Ten Best Songs For Your Pride High


Pride is coming, and there’s no excuse why you should not grab your friends, get high, and celebrate. Here go our list of the best hits that will make your pride F-I-E-R-C-E!

1. Madonna — Vogue

If you have never danced to this legendary song, you have never lived. Seriously. Put it on the speakers, hit your favorite energizing strain and VOGUE.

2. Lady Gaga — Born This Way

I mean. It is a hymn. It is modern classics. It is Mama Monster. You know what? Just put it on. Dance. Forget about everything. You were born this way.

3. Gloria Gaynor — I Will Survive

For every hater or homophobe in the world — we will survive. Grab your best friend and dance til’ you fall. Never stop!

4. Cher — Believe

Do you believe in life after love? This classic tune has an infinite healing power. Move your body and don’t stop believing (or is it another song?)

5. Diana Ross — I’m Coming Out

For those who decided to come out this year — you are beautiful and loved. No matter what others say, you are brave and strong. Let’s dance together!

6. Village People — YMCA

I bet most of us know basically how to yell Y-M-C-A while jumping to the beats. But what else is needed? Sing along: Y-M-C-A! Great feeling, isn’t it?

7. George Michael — Freedom! ’90

George Michael was a beautiful soul, but his songs will live forever. This one for sure. I mean, have you ever heard gayer song? Nope. Celebrate freedom!

8. ABBA — Dancing Queen

Swedes created a bunch of cool things (fun fact — IKEA, in fact, is not Swedish per se. It was founded in the Netherlands). But I argue that this song is the best product of Sweden ever (okay, and meatballs. Meatballs are awesome).

9. The Human League — Don’t You Want Me

A fantastic song and a complicated story. Music is good, though — and it will make you dance til’ the end.

10. RuPaul — Sissy That Walk

Mama Ru! Who could imagine this list without RuPaul? Bullshit! Sissy that walk — and never stop. Bitches better get outta your way.

Don’t be shy, show your support, and dance with us. Happy Pride!


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