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Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Cannabis Lovers

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Christmas is around the corner, and if you (somehow) missed an opportunity to buy presents for your family and friends, you still have time. Here’s a quick guide to the last minute Christmas presents for cannabis lovers in your life.

Gifts Under $20

If you are on a budget or just playing Secret Santa, these gifts are the answer.

CBD Lip Balm — $6

Winter is tough; Christmas is sweet. Bring relief to a person who is struggling with chapped lips. The topical from Speakeasy blends boring lip balms with pain-relieving features of CBD and a perfect terpene-influenced flavor profile.

Rainbow Rolling Paper — $10

Photo: Sweetflag

Photo: Sweetflag

Make your joint beautiful again! With this paper from Sweetflag, everything is possible!

CBD Swirl Grapefruit Bath Bomb — $15

Photo: De La Beuh

Photo: De La Beuh

These bath bombs from De La Beuh turn any tub into a fizzing, CBD-filled soaking pool. Perfect choice.

Gifts Under $50

These gifts won’t break the bank and will make your favorite people happy.

Ombre Arc Fuel Free Lighter — $25

Photo: Tetra

Photo: Tetra

This lighter from Tetra is not just beautiful but brings arc technology that allows you light smoke or spliff with a purple spark. Oh, and it is windproof, non-toxic, and never needs a refill. Yep.

Kraken Grinders Hex Ridge 4-piece Grinder — $26

Grinders are always handy; the Kraken makes them fantastic. This all-in-one grinder with machined edges ensures a solid grip and small enough to take it on the go.

Sigur Rós Wild Sigurberry High CBD Gumdrops — $40

Photo: Lord Jones Brand

Photo: Lord Jones Brand

The collaboration between the CBD professionals at Lord Jones and Icelandic musicians of Sigur Ros brings the best CBD-infused gumdrops. The package is inspired by beautiful Iceland’s wildlife, and draw their profile from a blend oа wild berries.

Gifts Under $100

Want to improve your gifting game? These selections are not cheap, but they won’t leave your wallet empty. You will be amazed how much you can get for less than $100.

The Twisty — $49.99

The Twisty is an engineering marvel. This gorgeously crafted glass blunt cools the smoke while a heat-absorbing metal coil does not burn the fingers. Oh, and it is beautiful.

Crystal Pipe With Carb — $65

Photo: Raw Earth Gems

Photo: Raw Earth Gems

This unique pipe from Raw Earth Gems is available in a wide array of colors and crystals. Every piece is made by hand with a steel mesh bowl, which makes it a perfect gift for scientists and anyone who want to look like a wizard.

The Safety Case 2.0 — $69.95

This sleek, smell-proof case from Black Rock Originals includes goodies like rolling papers, a card grinder, and, in fact, a perfect starter kit.

Gifts Under $200

If 2017 was tough, you and your loved ones deserve something special. It comes with a price, but you will definitely enjoy these products.

Cyclone Helix — $129

Photo: DankStop

Photo: DankStop

This gorgeous thing from Dank Stop brings the luxury of smoking or taking a dab with your favorite extract. Multiple chambers in this rig provide a smooth hit from an outstanding piece of glass.

Boost: Black Edition — $159.95

Photo: Dr.Dabber

Photo: Dr.Dabber

Large nails and powerful heating elements from Dr.Dabber makes the Boost a perfect choice for any dab enthusiast. It comes in a gorgeous wooden box, so you can easily skip the packaging.

Zarina Ceramic Pipe — $180

Photo: Miwak Junior

Photo: Miwak Junior

The pipe’s ceramic body is designed to feel minimalistic and natural. The 22-karat gold accents and bowl ensure that you will feel voluptuously with this piece wherever you go.

Gifts Bonanza

If you are ready to spend big, welcome. Here’s a list of the big ticket gift ideas for your significant others. They deserve the best, right?

Hydrology9 — $250

On the tight market of vapes, it is hard to be different. However, the Hydrology9 steps it up and delivers the incredible smoothness with a built-in water filter. The sleek design is aesthetically pleasing, making anyone with a good taste happy — and what else do you need to indulge in Christmas celebration?

Poppins Stash Bag — $275

Photo: Van der Pop

Photo: Van der Pop

The Poppins stash bag guarantees that you will always have whatever you need from your stash right at your hand. Crafted from the finest Italian leather, this bag is odor-proof and ready for adventures or anything else life might throw at you.

Oil Crisis Baker Bot — $315

Photo: Jerome Baker Design

Photo: Jerome Baker Design

For a comic fan on your list. One of a set of four robot-inspired dab rigs by legendary glassblower Jerome Baker brings exclusivity and will make happy any serious glass collector.

Merry Christmas!

(Sweedsy in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws. To learn more, click here.)


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