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Calm Your Body, Clean Your Mind: How To Do It With THC


Cannabis can help improve your overall well-being. Yeah, you have heard it right: the plant can lessen your stress and release body tension, among other benefits of using cannabis for building a solid self-care routine.

Your body and mind will be better off with a little help from THC. The result will be a happier and healthier you — and what can be more important than that?



Cannabis is an excellent addition to your meditation routine. It helps calm your mind, improve awareness, and clear the mind. Remember to breathe slowly and deeply.

Incorporate meditation into your evening routine. Smoke or vape some calming indica, sit in a quiet place and dive into 20 minutes of mindful meditation. Gradually, you will notice how heaviness and anxiety dissipate in your mind and leave clarity instead.

Cannabis-Infused Bath


Several cannabis bath products (some of them you can make at home) offer relaxing soak made to soothe tension and ease the body and mind.

To get some quality sleep, you will need a CBD or THC-infused cannabis bath bomb paired with a cannabis Epsom salt soak. Add both to hot water and slowly sink into your bath full of salts and cannabinoids.

This combination will bring you a nourishing and deeply calming experience. Any daily tension you’ve been holding in will surely go down in the water.

Cannabis Smoothie


Starting your day with a glass of healthy juice is a good habit. Add cannabis to your vegetable smoothie to incorporate medicinal benefits of the plant into your morning routine.

When adding marijuana, use the plant’s buds or fan leaves depending on how strong you want your blend to be. Try mixing in raw cannabis and experiment to adjust the taste and dosage.

Cannabis-Infused Massage

Body Acceptance

Massages are a fantastic way to ease tension in the body and release stress from our minds. Touch is crucial for our emotional well-being — that’s why massage has so much healing potential.

You can enhance effects by the addition of cannabis-infused massage oil or lotion. It will ease inflammation, relax stiff muscles, and soothe tired body, bringing calm and relaxation.

If you happen to visit or live in Colorado, try a professional cannabis-enhanced massage in specialized studios. Otherwise, buy a lotion in your local dispensary or make your own.

Have a good weekend!

(Sweedsy in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws. To learn more, click here.)


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