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Friday Sex: How Sativa and Indica Affect Orgasms?


Your body is ready, but you are looking for something new to enhance your sex life. What about adding your favorite cannabis product to it? Yeah, you have heard it right. What about coupling cannabis with sex?

You would say: who did not bang while high? However, here’s a trick: it is not just a random high from the weed that somebody brought to the party. You get to choose what you want to consume and what effect you want to get. You decide what kind of sex you want under the influence of the plant.

Imagine: you have sativa- and indica-dominant strain. The first creates lightheadedness, buzz, and joy. The second relaxes your body and enhance sensations. What would you choose? Let’s try it today!

What do you need

Here’s a brief list of what you may need. Please, add whatever you like. It is entirely up to you.

  • joint (or pipe/vaporizer — whatever suits you best);
  • grinder (if you need to grind the weed);
  • lube;
  • toy (or partner, if you are up to it);
  • porn (if you need it).


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Sativa strains are known for bringing happiness and energy, relieving stress and stimulating imagination. It is quite good for masturbation because you eventually won’t need porn or erotica to make you horny — vivid images will jump right into your mind.

One thing to be aware of: it can speed up the orgasm. Yes, unfortunately. But if you do not have much time or want to hit and run, sativa is right for you. In this case, sativa-dominant strains are more about stimulating your mind.


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Get some indica-dominated strain, and you will instantly feel like a warm blanket wraps around your body. All the muscles will relax, and you will find yourself in the world of enhanced perceptions. Every touch will echo through your body — and that is why orgasm will come super fast. Yes, we talk in terms of seconds. Of course, it depends on many individual factors, but you are going to come faster than usual.

What’s Better?

Indica makes your body relaxed and enriches your experience, prompting you to continue. Sativa stimulates your imagination and boosts your energy after you had an orgasm.

Of course, that experience is not universal. Go ahead and try it yourself. Indicas and sativas do affect orgasms differently, but it depends on thousands small individual details, so you better try and find out what works for you.

This post is based on this Leafly material.

(Sweedsy in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws. To learn more, click here.)


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