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Sunday Weed: Weekly Digest, Number Two

It’s Sunday! Lazy in your bed? Drinking your coffee with donuts? Fighting your hangover with pizza leftovers?

Great! It’s time to find a good read. We’ve gathered seven best blog posts and articles about cannabis just for you. Hope you enjoy our little weekly digest.

1. Scientists Discover What Your Brain Looks Like When You’re on Weed

Ever been interested how marijuana makes you high? A team of scientists from around the globe finally explained this mystery. They figured out the molecular structure of cannabinoid receptor 1, which processes THC, and created a computer simulation to visualize how THC interacts with your brain. Wonderful, isn’t it?

2. Two Women Tried Weed Tampons & Here’s What Happened

Menstrual cramps? Fear no more. Now you can fight it with cannabis. Take a look how ‘weed tampons’ can bring relief and bring joy back in your life. Spoiler: no, weed tampons won’t make you high unless you misuse it. Whoop!

3. Shatter or Wax? Cannabis Extracts Made Simple

Shatter? Oil? Wax? Bet you’ve heard the names. A trend is big now, and more and more cannabis users are trying cannabis extracts. Find out the difference between these concentrates and how their molecular structure affects the texture.

4. Medical marijuana doesn’t make for more teenage stoners

Sorry, marijuana opponents. It’s adults who are going to use more. In states with allowed medical use, teens don’t do more marijuana or think it’s more available. Oops. (However, adults, please, enjoy responsibly!)

5. Red Eyes: Mystery Behind Cannabis Smoking

Red eyes are the reason of a billion of stupid jokes. People bring it on again and again. However, not all cannabis smokers are prone to red eyes. Hint: it’s actually beneficial.

6. Inside big pharma’s fight to block recreational marijuana

Big pharma fights back. In Colorado, they spent tons of money just to prove that cannabis is bad for you. Find out who tries to kill marijuana industry and make more money selling painkillers.

7. Cannabis Tax Revenue Is Overwhelming Oregon’s Tax Office

Oregon’s Tax Office is stuck; money is flowing so fast and so much that it breaks office’s routine. They were forced to adjust the payment process to handle issues they face with cannabis business owners paying their taxes in person. Impressive.

Enjoyed your digest? Let us know.
See you next Sunday!

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