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Traveling with Buds – Plan Your 420-Journey!


Love traveling as much as you love your vaporizer or brownies?

We have good news for you. The world is changing, and cannabis-friendly traveling is becoming real. You can visit beautiful locations and enjoy a good joint there. 

Today, you can legally use cannabis for recreational purposes in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Colorado, and DC. A half dozen states await vote on legalization. You can also fly to Uruguay and Mexico, discover Jamaica and Colombia.

Want to open new horizons? The Czech Republic, Spain, and Portugal are waiting for you. Don’t forget Holland – they were pioneers of decriminalization in Europe. Germany is slowly moving towards legalization.

However, keep in mind: cannabis laws may vary from place to place. Do you research, then pack your stuff and go. We can suggest a couple of ideas how you can spend your time in-canna-redible:

Picture of the hotel room on traveling; 'Find a 420-friendly accomodation'

Find a 420-friendly accommodation

Owners of the place should directly state if they allow guests to use cannabis inside their property. If that’s fine, feel free to enjoy your vacations. 

Colorado is your first choice. Check out Nativ Hotel downtown. Half of the rooms have balconies where you can smoke and vape freely. Also, take a look at B&B Adagio. Six historic suites are waiting for you to make a puff.

The market is rapidly growing. Don’t forget to frequently check new Bud and Breakfast places and you will find a perfect accommodation for your next unforgettable journey. Many owners offer bongs, vaporizers, or other necessary accessories, so you can travel light and free. Say thanks and give them a lot of love!

Map, pass, and wine with a sign 'Plan before you leave' to prepare for traveling

Plan before you leave

Contact local dispensaries and cannabis clubs. Smell the atmosphere. They will be happy to give you all needed information about regulations and rules. Probably, they will provide you with some real insider insight.

In London, for example, the London Cannabis Club holds meetups where you can have an amazing dinner with like-minded people. The coolest thing is that marijuana is cooked right into the main dish. Club members are very active in legalizations efforts. They can inform you of the best opportunities you may want to check in London. Remember, cannabis is still illegal in the UK!

A vivid activity of cannabis clubs in Barcelona can strike your imagination. However, contacting the particular clubs would be a wise move – many clubs are members only. Check out Cannabis Barcelona and plan your fabulous trip in advance!

So, your best choice is to research the particular laws of the country you are going to. It will enhance your experience and protect you from unnecessary troubles with police and bad guys. If you are traveling around the US, check out The Citizens’ Guide to State by State Marijuana Laws by Paul Armentano, Deputy Director of NORML.

The main rule is simple: just be careful and respect traditions, laws, and culture of the place you are at. The riskiest part of cannabis traveling is to go places. Keep in mind that cannabis is illegal on a federal level in the US. Don’t get busted in airports or trains. Always keep close your medical card or official documentation to justify your cannabis possession in California or other respective states. 

Safe travels!

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