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Cannabis Tech Trends – What to Watch For in 2017


Cannabis expos show the best of the industry. Legalization brings tech innovations to the market, making high-quality technology available to consumers and professionals.

Let’s look at the next big things:



LED sector expands with… well, the speed of light. The technology attracts both consumers and cultivators, with more companies investing in R&D.

This year LED innovations include longer-lasting diodes with less power consumption and brighter lights. Customizable light spectrums allow growers to create strain-specific spectrums for bringing the best of phenotypic responses. Even if LED lighting is still more pricey than alternative variants, new developers and declining price of components will change the market soon.

Isolated terpenes

Isolated Terpenes

Terpene isolation attracts popularity within the industry. Crossover technology mixes the best of both the essential oil and fragrance industries and offers short and long path steam distillation systems to cannabis entrepreneurs. Companies begin to blend cannabis-derived terpenes into profiles that resemble strain-specific fragrances. Together, certain combinations can enhance cannabinoids’ effects with the help of new emerging properties.

Solventless Extraction


Safety and simplicity are trending. Innovations aim to bring the extraction game to a new level. Sophisticated techniques now become available and convenient to professionals and consumers alike.

Rosins are popular in the market. Contrary to BHO extracts, they can be made in seconds, and the process is relatively easy. The manufacturers caught the trend, and commercial-sized presses became the next big thing. Powerful pneumatic and hydraulic presses allow for much lower extraction temperatures and terpene preservation.

Current innovations include flower pre-presses, seamless nylon pressing pouches, titanium collection tools along with pollen collectors and cold water hash processing bags. It gets convenient to extract high-quality hash oils at home. The industry is about to become the next homebrew craft movement, with the devoted community and paradigm shifts.

2017 promises to be big for the industry. We are going to follow new trends and looking forward to emerging innovations. What a time to be alive, huh?

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