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Sunday Weed: Weekly Digest, Number Ten


It’s Sunday! Lazy in your bed? Drinking coffee with donuts? Fighting hangover with pizza leftovers?

To make your weekend brighter, we’ve gathered seven articles and blog posts around the web. Hope you enjoy our little weekly digest.

1. Maine Legal Marijuana Opponents End Recount, Conceding Defeat

Finally, after more than a month after Election Day, Maine’s opponents to marijuana legalization initiative acknowledge defeat and end its push for a total statewide recount of the votes.

2. Mexico’s senate votes to legalize medical marijuana

Mexico’s Senate has approved the use of cannabis for medical purposes. 98 senators voted to pass a new bill proposed by President Enrique Pena-Nieto to permit the use and production of marijuana for scientific and medicinal purposes.

3. Canada To Legalize in Early 2017: Details

Canada’s Task Force on Marijuana Legalisation and Regulation released their recommendations and stated that it is time to halt prohibition and bring a system of federally legal and regulated cannabis.

4. This will be the next marijuana capital of the world

Want some bold predictions? How ‘bout Los Angeles as the next cannabis capital? NBA to allow marijuana use? Check this op-ed!

5. DEA To Prohibit CBD-Oils: What Does It Mean?

In a swift, quiet move, on the Dec. 14, The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) made a CBD-oil federally illegal once again. Let’s see what can happen.

6. This is your brain on (legal) cannabis: Researchers seek answers

According to new research from a team at Colorado State University alleges that cannabis might not be long-time answers for those suffering depression or anxiety.

7. How Weed Is Helping Opioid Users Beat Addiction

Sometimes it seems doctors love to prescribe opioids. Many people get hooked, and many of them end up severely addicted or even dead. Fentanyl, one of the most potent opioids, can help to relieve acute pain but is a poor choice for a long time pain management. But what might help beat this addiction? Cannabis.

Enjoyed your digest? Let us know.
See you next Sunday!


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