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Sunday Weed: Weekly Digest, Number Fifteen


It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Preparing for the loudest party on the planet? Cooking snacks and waiting for friends to drop by?

But before grabbing your favorite jersey and jumping to TV with snacks and beers, check our digest. We gathered seven articles and blog posts from the web to keep you informed – so that you could share the freshest news with your friends while celebrating the game.

1. Thousands call for full weed legalization at Tel Aviv rally

About 5,000 of Israelis gathered on Saturday night, rooting for the full legalization of cannabis and urging the government to go beyond the recently announced measures to decriminalize the use of the drug. Let’s see what will happen next.

2. The Leafly Guide to Watching the Big Game: What to Consume, Munch On & Cheer For

Game time! Tune in and don’t forget to check these useful tips on how to make the evening unforgettable. (Weed advice inside!)

3. Dispensary Vs. Recreational Store – Choosing A Right Place

Legalization is coming to town, and you’re getting ready for buying some ol’ good legal weed. But you have one question that puzzles you:

Is there any difference between cannabis store and medical marijuana dispensary?

4. Patients Are Ditching Opioid Pills for Weed

Opioid epidemics is overwhelming in the country, but more and more patients choose weed for pain management. Eventually, it gets better.

5. New Californian Cannabis Bills – Let’s Get it Started

People of California said yes to recreational cannabis. Now it’s lawmakers’ turn to make it happen. The process has already begun, and there is its brief overview.

6. NFL marijuana policy in spotlight before Super Bowl as former players push opioid alternative

With NFL reportedly pushing opioids and prohibiting marijuana use, players suffer a great deal. It’s time to change league’s policy and offer adequate medication to players.

7. How to Invest in Legal Weed

Won your Fantasy League this year and got some cash? It’s time to think of investments. Get to know your weed market opportunities!

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See you next Sunday!


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