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DIY: Handy Tips For Those Who Love Experiments

DIY Cannabis Devices

It’s almost Friday. Friday smells of freedom and fun. Up to mischief?
Try to make homemade pipe or bong. It’s not so hard as it seems and everything that works makes you high and happy. What else to wish for?

Here go some essential tips on DIY cannabis devices:

  • Find something sturdy. Plastic containers can help but remember that they can be toxic and thus harmful. Better to go green: pick apples, carrots or bell peppers. They’re sturdy enough to endure preparations and keep their shapes during consumption. Carrots, for example, are good for making a decent steamroller.
  • You need at least twice as many supplies you think you need. Yeah, it will take time and two or three apples to make a nice apple pipe. Check what you’ve already got in the house and get creative!
  • Look around. Toothpicks? Good, use them for a makeshift screen. A pen with the ink removed is super handy for making holes in fruit. If you struggle to connect elements of your homemade pipe, use aluminum but avoid making a bowl with it – heat can cause a release of harmful chemicals.
  • Juicy and mushy fruits are not your bros. Bananas and oranges, for sure, provide a delicious taste, but they lose their shape relatively fast, especially when they are passed around. They also become gross and dirty. If you want a tasty one-hitter, use a strawberry.
  • Get ready for a mess. If you don’t know how to make your pipe airtight, try a chewed piece of gum, sticky peanut butter or candy. Avoid tape or glue – you can inhale dangerous chemicals.
  • It’s always nice to have an air filter. Wrap a dryer sheet over the end of a toilet paper tube and fix it with a rubber band. It will prevent odors from sneaking outside.

The main rule is simple: get creative, go green!


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